• How to Easily Coordinate a Sub-base Day Tank System

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    SMT600 Fuel Tank

    The major components of a “sub-base day tank” design for a generator include a bulk fuel tank, transfer pump, control panel, and the sub-base tank installed directly beneath the generator.  While the components are simple enough, the procurement and installation responsibilities are often split between mechanical and electrical contractors, and this can result in coordination […]

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    Three Quick Steps to Specifying an Engine Exhaust System

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    So, you need to specify an exhaust system for an industrial emergency generator?  If you already have the engine data sheet for the generator under consideration, just follow these three quick steps, and you will have completed your specifications in no time at all. Step #1 Use this sizing program to determine the silencer model. […]

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    SmartFilter Improves Fuel Quality from Day One

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    Fuel quality is of paramount importance to a mission-critical facility such as a hospital or a data center.  You rely on emergency diesel generator sets to quickly come online and stay online throughout a power outage. These generators are likely connected to a “fuel farm” consisting of multiple large fuel storage tanks, each with several thousand […]

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    Struggling with RICE NESHAP?

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    If you are searching for a quick guide on how to comply with the latest EPA requirements affecting diesel and gas engines, jump over to OnSitePowerAdvisor.com.  There you will find a Handy Guide on the rule itself, plus helpful tools to get you into compliance.

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    New website from Perma-Pipe, Inc.

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    Perma-Pipe Website

    Perma-Pipe’s new website includes easier-to-access product information and technical documentation including case studies, installation guides and engineering specifications.  Hurtado.cc provides sales and engineering support for Perma-Pipe’s district heating & cooling, and environmental applications, as well as PermAlert’s Leak Detection products.  Visit the new website here…

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    Phillips & Temro simplifies RICE NESHAP compliance.

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    By offering a complete emission reduction system, tailored to your specific installation, Phillips and Temro simplifies the road to RICE NESHAP compliance.  Whether your site requires a complete silencer replacement, or only the retrofit of a catalyst housing to reduce carbon monoxide levels, PTI is flexible enough to accommodate your needs.  From the major exhaust […]

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