• Trident 2500

    Meet the Simplex Trident Load Bank

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    This is a Simplex trailer-mounted Trident 2500 load bank. Rated at 2500KW, 480Vac, this load bank can tackle the biggest generator-testing jobs, while providing a solid build-quality for on-highway transportation. The Trident 2500 is equipped with a dual-axle, heavy-duty highway trailer with electric brakes and a low profile design for stability at cruising speeds and maneuverability into low-ceiling spaces like parking garages.

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    DynaMITE Load Bank

    Simplex DynaMITE Load Bank – Product Review

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    The DynaMITE is a 300-400kW portable load bank intended for shop or field testing of generators. It features a PLC-based controller, and an 8-inch color touch screen for user interface. Designed for service organizations that perform load tests on a regular basis, the DynaMITE load bank features a robust data acquisition system and the ability to network with similar units.

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    PAL-AT provides precise leak detection for below-ground pipe systems

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    Perma-Pipe PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along a sensor string. The PAL-AT is often provided for secondary contained fuel-oil pipe systems, or any other application where quick and precise leak detection is required. Sensing cables are available to sense the presence of water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquids, or hydrocarbon-sensing only. PAL-AT sensing cables can be air-dried and re-used, are suitable for monitoring for the presence of corrosive chemicals.

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    Get to know the MXHF Charger for Material Handling Equipment

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    La Marche MXHF

    The La Marche MXHF high frequency battery charger provides pure DC output, high power and high efficiency in a small and lightweight package. This battery charger is ideally suited for material handling equipment as it delivers an extremely low ripple current into the battery during the charge cycle. Power conversion at a high frequency allows […]

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    MIRATECH and Phillips & Temro Industries’ Silencing Division forming a new company

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    MIRATECH and Phillips & Temro Industries’ Silencing Division are forming a new company that will be called MIRATECH Group, LLC.  The company will remain headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and will continue to do business as MIRATECH.  Boston-based Audax Private Equity acquired MIRATECH on May 9, 2014 and acquired Phillips & Temro Industries in 2012.  Read […]

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    How to Easily Coordinate a Sub-base Day Tank System

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    SMT600 Fuel Tank

    The major components of a “sub-base day tank” design for a generator include a bulk fuel tank, transfer pump, control panel, and the sub-base tank installed directly beneath the generator.  While the components are simple enough, the procurement and installation responsibilities are often split between mechanical and electrical contractors, and this can result in coordination […]

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